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Modern Approach of Instamedicalcare

Pre-Medical Assistance & Free Health Card

  • Get analysis of the patient's medical history
  • Schedule the medical treatment & get its estimated cost
  • Generate your Insta Health Card
  • Consult the referral doctor/native doctor online via video call, chat or phone.

Trip Assistance

  • Medical Visa Assistance
  • Booking of Hotel, Flights & Local Transports.

On-Arrival Services

  • Airport Transfer Service
  • Dedicated Language Translator/Interpreter
  • Currency Exchange Facility
  • Local Phone SIM card
  • Hospital Admission Formalities
  • Assistance During Treatment
  • Leisure-Trip Assistance
  • Regular-Updates To Family
  • Hospital Discharge Formalities

Post Departure Service/Follow-up Care

  • Regular Follow-Up After Recovery
  • Provide Co-ordination Between You & Doctors

Traditional Medical Tourism Approach

  • Prospective tourist to get medical service in other country gets to do a lot of research about the available hospitals and doctors in the country.
  • The tourist may have to visit the selected country on visa other than medical visa, which can give a lot of hassles in his/her stay.
  • Once they reach the country, then they have to manually search for the best hospital and doctors available for the treatment at that particular period of time.
  • Once they find the hospital, then they have to do a lot of documentation without which medical treatment won't get started.
  • Once the treatment has been started, visa extension may not be granted in case the treatment needed.