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What is Instamedicalcare? Is Instamedicalcare beneficial for me? Why should I travel abroad for medical treatment? What are the services provided by Instamedicalcare? Is India the right place for medical treatments? Is Medical Tourism Safe for me? What will my treatment package include? Are there any limitations/exclusion? What happens once I apply? How can I approach Instamedicalcare? What medical procedures tourists usually seek in India? Why should I choose India instead of other medical tourism destinations? Can we advise you doctors and hospitals according to your need? How long will I have to remain in a foreign country for my treatment? How would I be able to make adjustments to my itinerary when I am already abroad? What services are included in my medical quotation? I want to undergo my surgery/medical treatment in India. How should I proceed? Why should you choose a hospital in India? What is the accreditation of Indian hospitals? Why shouldn’t I worry about my travel as well as stay in India for medical treatment? What facilities are available for international patients in India?
How can it be safe & secure to travel so far following a surgical treatment? What happens in case of flight cancellation? How would I manage both travels as well as tour after I reach India? I don’t know anything about Indian cities. How will I manage everything there? Can someone come along with me on tour? How would I cope with a foreign language? I have never travelled overseas for any medical treatment before. How would I deal with different people in a foreign country? Could I consult my doctor before the treatment? What will happen to post my recovery? I don’t have a visa to travel. Can Instamedicalcare assist in it? Can I have a family member or friend accompanying me on my trip? Can I make my flight arrangements? Can I book my hotel stay? Why should we travel to India instead of other countries in the world? What is the procedure to avail medical VISA? How will I book my air tickets? What about domestic travelling? Tell me about your travelling packages.
How do I go about taking treatment/surgical treatment in India through Insta Medical Tourism? Is India the best place to get medical treatment? What is the difference between the cost of medical treatment in India and other countries? Why is medical care inexpensive in India? How can I trust the quality of Indian doctors? What different medical records should the patient carry with him/her and in what language should they be? How would I share my reports as well as communicate my medical cases with the clinic of my choice? Will I get follow-up care after I reach my home country back? Are the hospitals in India well equipped and up to par with international standards? How is the follow-up planned? Will it be safe to travel back home following a surgical procedure? What precautions or preparations are required after returning home? How to arrange medical certificates and other documents for a medical claim? What if something goes wrong during the medical treatment? What if my visa expires before the completion of my treatment? Is cosmetic surgery tourism safe?
How is India as a family destination? Is it safe to travel to India? How is the weather in India? What’s the best place to stay while in India? Are there any Essentials I should keep for my tour to India? I have specific dietary requirements. Will Insta Medical Care be able to cater to my needs? Does Insta Medical Care help in Customizing Holidays? Should I have travel Insurance before travelling to India? How is Network as well as Internet Coverage in India? Is there any specific etiquette we should keep in mind before sightseeing in India? Will I able to get an English speaking guide while in India? What kind of food should I expect in India? Are there any specific items in India that I should avoid buying?
What about the confidentiality of my medical history and personal information? Do I have to share my G.P.? I have some budget constraints. Can Insta Medical Care help? What are the ways to pay for the costs of surgery? How can I correspond with a doctor in India? What would happen if I do not find the treatment on your website that I am interested in? Who will look after me after the surgical operation? Why is overseas treatment so affordable? On what criteria do you select the hospitals and wellness centers for affiliation? What facilities are available for communication in India? What are the registration formalities to be fulfilled at the hospital?