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After Disappointments and Hopelessness Mrs. Joyce Greasley from New Zealand had a Successful Knee Replacement in India

Mr. Randell Greasley Shares How His Wife got cured of a severe knee problem in India:

Suffering from excruciating pain in her knees, 72-year-old Mrs Joyce Greasley from New Zealand sought medical aid but, her weight somehow became a hindrance to her treatment. Finally, contented with a successful double knee replacement surgery in India, Mr Randell Greasley, her husband, shares the story about their medical experience in the country.

When did you start to look for medical treatment in other countries?

Joyce suffered from a lot of pain in her knees. But doctors in New Zealand told us that she was required to lose at least 20kgs to undergo a knee replacement surgery, which was obviously difficult. You cannot expect a person to lose 20kgs who cannot even walk properly due to her pain.

After sometime, even I had a spine surgery done.  My surgeon told me that he can perform a knee replacement without her losing any weight. We became hopeful again and the medical procedure commenced. But then again, the anesthetist told us that the surgery will only be possible if she manages to lose weight. We were so disappointed, Joyce lost all hope. So, we started looking for treatments online and there we came across InstaMedicalCare.

What medical treatment did Joyce undergo in India?

Joyce had a double knee replacement at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. Initially, the doctor we consulted, Dr. IPS Oberoi, recommended a single knee replacement for one knee and an arthroscopy for the other. After further investigation and some fresh X-rays, he told us that a double knee replacement would be the best suited treatment for her.

Did the surgery go well?

We both are very happy with the treatment. The whole surgery was performed under epidural anesthesia, there were no issues with her weight and she is perfectly fine now.

How did InstaMedicalCare assist you during your medical trip to India?

InstaMedicalCare played a significant role in finding the right hospital for Joyce’s treatment. It would have been much more difficult to get in touch with the right doctor and hospital without them. In this medical trip, everything was pre-planned and organized. There were no doubts about the cost of the treatment or stay.

As Joyce could not travel by car, there was an ambulance provided by the patient care team of  every time we visited the hospital. Post surgery, they had even arranged a physiotherapist who used to visit her in the hotel itself.

The team has also been very prompt in all their services. They shifted us to a better accommodation immediately after we notified them of our discomforts. Due t0 immediate actions, within a day Joyce even got back our family pendant that we had lost in the hospital.

All in all, their assistance has been excellent and I’ll surely recommend  to anyone willing to travel to India for medical treatment.