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A cataract is a dense, cloudy area that forms in the lens of the eye. A cataract begins when proteins in the eye form clumps that prevent the lens from sending clear images to the retina. The retina works by converting the light that comes through the lens into signals. It sends the signals to the optic nerve, which carries them to the brain.

It develops slowly and eventually interferes with your vision. You might end up with cataracts in both eyes, but they usually don’t form at the same time. Cataracts are common in older people. 

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Micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS)

Cataract surgery has seen many transformations over the past few decades. The trend has been moving towards reducing traumatic experience to improve surgical outcome for the faster recovery of the patients. And, this has been achieved by the progressive decrease in the incision size, which began with small-incision cataract surgery where the incision is of less than 4mm in size. This was soon followed by a continuous reduction in incision size which has led to further development of the surgical technique such as Microincision or MICS Cataract Surgery (MICS); where incision size is less than sub-2mm and even sub-1mm.

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Top Doctors In India For Micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS)

Dr. Kunal Rana

10 years of experience , New Delhi, Delhi/NCR, India

Dr. Anita Sethi

23 years of experience , Gurugram, Delhi/NCR, India

Dr. Vishakha Kapoor

18 years of experience , Gurugram, Delhi/NCR, India

Dr. Carreen Pakrasi

26 years of experience , Gurugram, Delhi/NCR, India

Top Hospitals In India For Micro-incision cataract surgery (MICS)

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