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Aortic Valve Stenosis

Aortic Stenosis (Aortic Valve Stenosis) happens when ‘Aortic valve’ of the heart narrows down, which does not allow it to open completely and obstructs the blood flow into the aorta & other body parts from the heart.

Due to these circumstances, the heart needs to pump harder to supply blood for the body. This extra exertion on the heart might weaken the heart muscles and will limit the blood amount to flow. In severe cases, someone has to go through the surgery to change the valve, or else it can lead to grave heart problems. Aortic stenosis majorly affects old people, as the valve that is defective hardens and narrows down.

The major causes of AS include:

  • Rheumatic fever.
  • Calcium buildup on the valve.
  • Congenital heart defect.
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Aortic valve repair

The aortic valve also regulates blood flow like other valves through the heart. These valves help blood flow in the right direction through the heart. The aortic valve is situated between the left ventricle and the main artery that supplies oxygen-rich blood to your body (aorta). During ventricle contraction, the aortic valve allows blood flow into the aorta from the left ventricle. As soon as the ventricle relaxes, the aortic valve closes to prevent backflow of blood into the ventricle.

Sometimes aortic valve can be damaged and become narrowed, which makes it harder for the heart to pump blood into the aorta. This could be caused by inherited heart disease, thickening of the valve's closure cusps or post inflammatory changes, such as those associated with rheumatic heart disease.
All these conditions may require an aortic valve to repair or replacement.

Aortic valve Repair Surgery is an open-heart process to cure an ill-functioning heart valve, often without the need for mechanical or biologic parts. Your doctor separates the fused valve leaflets and removes all calcium deposits hindering valve function, some pieces of weak valve leaflets may be removed and inserting tissue to patch holes/ tears in the flaps that close off the valve.

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