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Centre For Holistic Medicine Ayurvedic Hospital

Faridabad, India
  • Established in : 2000

About Hospital

  • Holistic Medicine is a synergy between the "Science" of Modern Medicine and the "Art" of Various traditional systems of health. It boosts the natural healing energy and the immunity to cure diseases. This therapy is highly cost effective and time beneficial. It treats the individual as a whole: Body, Mind & Spirit and not merely the diseases.
  • This center for Holistic MedicinSe(CHM) functions under the aegis of develop ment trust. The CHM's sole aim is to provide the most rational health & Medicare facilities. In pursuance, it promotes and under takes research in the methodologies of Ayurvedic-Panchkarma and other Indian systems of medicines. It aims to create mass awareness about the efficacy of Holistic system of treatment by using all technologies including the most modern information and satellite communication. In nutshell, the overall objective is to create the disease free society.

Hospital Address

Faridabad, Faridabad, Delhi/NCR, 121006,